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A holiday week always includes a significant amount of travel across the country. Some airlines leverage the holiday to offer discounted flight offering. To help with your travel planning, The Points Guy recently named Delta the best airline to fly in the U.S.

They did this by “compiling objective data across a wide variety of metrics for the biggest U.S. airlines. The end goal is to identify the carriers that are flying higher than the rest when it comes to meeting the needs of consumers,” the report said.

The categories The Points Guy focused on were: reliability, experience, loyalty, cost, and reach. The data evaluated was specific to the 2022 calendar year. Overall, Delta had the highest final score with a 66.31 out of 100. Their strongest marks came in timeliness and involuntary bumps (being bumped off of flights involuntarily). United Airlines finished second. Finishing 10th out of 10 was Frontier.

Delta Keeps The Crown

The Points Guy named Delta as the best airline in the U.S. for the second year in a row. However, their point total decreased year-over-year.  “As a whole, airlines did a worse job in 2022 than 2021: Many elements show overall drops in performance when you combine data across all ten airlines. Customer complaints were up 87.6% year over year, while prices per 1,000 passenger miles rose 22.67%,” The Points Guy explained.

What carried Delta was their timeliness. 84% of their flights arrived on time in 2022. This was the top score in the category. Reach was also a strong point. In fact, Delta was one of only three airlines to serve over 200 destinations. In total, they flew to 210 locations.

Delta still has room to grow. To keep its ranking as the best airline in the U.S., they can improve upon the affordability category, as that was its lowest performing area. You can read the full report by The Points Guy here.