When I go out of town, I have a hard rule.  Don’t eat anywhere that I have at home!  For me, one of the best parts about going out of town is trying new restaurants. And in South Carolina, we know it’s a great place for seafood!

Let’s Talk Seafood.

I am a huge seafood person and will drive to the coast for it.  So where you can get the best seafood on the east coast?  Yes, South Carolina is a great place for seafood. And according to an article by VRBO, some of the best are right in our neck of the woods. I’ll give you a hint it’s a major foodie city and on the South Carolina coast.

Know what it is yet? You probably do! VRBO featured 5 cities in their article, each in a different area, but all with mouth-watering seafood. Keep reading to see which locations they are, and what they are known for, and learn a little more about the local fare. These are VRBO’s best cities for seafood on the east coast!

Now for me, A day trip to eat in Charleston is just heaven on earth.  I love going to the ones everyone expects but my favorite spot is the Crab Shack on Folly Beach.  Fried Shrimp, Hush Puppies, French Fries, and a cold one, that’s a day trip!

Now let’s see the top 5 with number one being!