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Best Live Albums Of All Time

There is nothing like a live concert and we are about to talk about the Best Live Albums Of All Time.  Personally, MTV made history with the Unplugged Concert Series.  This was an acoustic unplugged jam session.  And many of these sessions made history when it came to live music.  The series first aired on November 26, 1989, featuring Squeeze!  One of the biggest if not the biggest ever was Nirvana's performance on Unplugged was one of the last televised performances by Kurt Cobain, recorded on November 18, 1993, about five months before Cobain's death. Artist Who Have Played MTV Unplugged Alice In Chains Kiss Nirvana Mariah Carey Eric Clapton Elton John Paul McCartney Springsteen Shakria Jay-Z Thirty Seconds To Mars And this is just part of the list that just goes on. There have been over 100 different concerts with only about 30 being made into albums and has sold over 20 million copies with Eric Clapton's unplugged selling over 26 million copies making it the best-selling live album ever worldwide! I don't know about you but the live performance of a great song is just magic. And when you can relive that moment again, there's nothing like it.   Now being able to relive those songs again on vinyl, now that's a whole different conversation for a different day! Here comes the Best Live Albums Of All Time

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