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The Worst Pizza Toppings EVER

What are the worst pizza toppings ever? Are there things that should never go on pizza? Well of course. Look, pretty much all of us enjoy pizza, and all of us have a favorite topping. Maybe you're a plain cheese person. Or maybe you like a lot of pepperoni. Mushrooms, bacon, sausage, peppers. These are all toppings people enjoy, but we're not talking about those today. We're talking about the worst ones. Keep That Topping Off My Pizza! This list came from the folks at Cheapism. They said that YouGov polled 1,000 Americans to find out what their favorite and least favorite pizza toppings were. I can imagine the toppings we mentioned earlier were on the favorites list. But which options fell under the worst pizza toppings category, and will we agree with them? I'll be honest, I'm not very adventurous when it comes to my pizza. Pretty much, I'm a standard pepperoni and cheese guy. There are times when I'll venture out and do bacon and sausage as well. Are you sensing a pattern here? Yeah, a meat lovers pizza would suit me just fine. I've never been a huge fan of onions, olives or peppers on pizza. I'm not knocking you if you love those toppings, they just aren't really my thing. What Is Everyone's Favorite Pizza Topping? Before we get into the toppings people don't like, let's talk about everyones favorite. Should it come as any surprise that according to this poll, pepperoni is the best pizza topping? Yeah, didn't think so. There is nothing better than a well-made pepperoni pizza. I don't think anyone would turn down a slice of pepperoni pizza, and if they did, I might have to question who they are as a person. For more articles, lists, videos, and photo galleries from The Kicks Wake Up Krew, just click here. Results Of Cheapism's List - The Worst Pizza Toppings Let's see if we agree or not.  

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