About "Just Plain" Steve

BOB 93.9 FM welcomes our newest member of “BOB’s” entourage…

“JUST PLAIN” STEVE! Originally from Topeka, Kansas, “JUST PLAIN” STEVE (JPS for short) has been around the microphone for nearly 25 years in Phoenix, Omaha, Allentown and Atlanta. Known for being the class clown, expect JPS to bring something new and exciting to the BOB airwaves, and the streets of Augusta every day!

JPS is married and has four children ranging from 21 to 4 years of age, so he definitely feels your pain. He also is happy to introduce his cat Tatum….who is sweet, but won’t listen to him either. In his free time, JPS loves to spend time with his family, ride his Can-Am Spyder motorcycle and play the piano (He says he’s pretty good, but can he play “Sweet Child O’ Mine?). JPS is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, allowing him to focus on Youth Ministry.

Please welcome “JUST PLAIN” STEVE to the BOB family and make sure to check him out daily from Noon to 6pm on BOB 93.9 FM!!!