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It’s Friday, it’s been a long week, Why Not A Few Good Laughs to start the day.  The right joke can put you in the best place ever.  But be careful when it comes to joke-telling!

Things To Remember When Telling Jokes

Every workplace has one person who tells jokes and likes to forward funny REELS and Tik Tocks.  Here are some things to remember

  • Know the people around you that you are telling the joke
  • Kid Friendly
  • No dirty jokes
  • Don’t offend anyone
  • If at work make sure its work acceptable
  • Stay away from politics and religion!


Little Johnny #1

The teacher asked the class to write an essay about an unusual event that happened during the past week.

Little Johnny got up to read his. It began, “My daddy fell in a well last week.”

“Good grief!” the teacher exclaimed. “Is he OK?” “He must be,” said Little Johnny.

“He stopped calling for help yesterday,

Little Johnny #2

During a soccer match, little Johnny sits in the front row.

His friend asks: “How did you get tickets?“

From my brother – responds little Johnny

And where is your brother?

At home, looking for his ticket.

Ok just one more

A lady is driving her car when she gets flagged down and pulled over by a policeman.

The police ask “good day ma’am, may I see your driver’s license please?”

“Certainly” the lady replies.

The policeman checks over the license card and says to the lady: “ma’am, unfortunately, I’m going to have to fine you… it says here that you need to be wearing glasses while driving”

“I’ve got contacts,” says the lady

“Listen here lady,” replies the policeman.

“I don’t care who you know, you still need to wear glasses while driving!”

So now I’ve found some great jokes that you can pass along to your co workers and family that are funny and safe so Why Not A Few Good Laughs






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