The biggest question that I ask myself lately is, when do you tip?  I know I’m not the only one who asks this question.  I understand the concept behind tipping.  My question is, Has it gone too far?

You go to a sit-down restaurant and a server or even a group of servers takes care of your every need for your dining experience.   You tip and should tip nicely if you are provided with an amazing experience.  If your experience wasn’t over the top, but still good, you still tip based on what you feel the situation calls for.  I get that.

Where do we draw the line? In a  USNEWS.COM article, they interviewed  Lisa Mirza Grotts, who has been an etiquette expert for 23 years. “Any time a service is performed, a gratuity is required” So is this true?

How Much Should We Tip?

According to Lisa Mirza Grotts, here is the breakdown:

  • Restaurant servers: Twenty percent of the bill for sit-down establishments and 10% for quick-service restaurants.
  • Bartenders: $1 to $2 per drink or 15% to 20% of the tab
  • Your baristas: There’s no obligation,  but If a tipping jar is on the counter, You should leave something
  • Movers: About $5 to $10 per mover per h
  • Hotel valet staff: About $2 to $3 for initial service and then $1 to $2 after.
  • Hotel housekeeping: About $3 to $5 for the initial service and then $1 to $3 per night after that,

But it doesn’t end there, does it?  There are so many other places you are presented the opportunity to provide a tip, but on the other hand, there are so many places you are not, but should you tip?  When you head to a Wendy’s, Taco Bell, or Mcdonald’s, they don’t give you a place or opportunity to provide a tip.  Are they different from a sit-down restaurant?  Earlier the quote from Lisa Mirza Grotts said, “Anytime a service is performed, a gratuity is required”  So why not these places?

To Tip Or Not To Tip Is A Real Thing

One of the quotes from the US News article stated this also when it comes to not tipping.  As a general rule of thumb, any worker who receives a salary or is employed in a well-paid occupation does not need to be tipped.

Hairdressers– Most charge a nice price to do your hair, especially if it is a color, extensions, or if you are going to be in the chair for a while.  Do you?

Open Bar At A Wedding- Their hourly rate is included in the cost of the wedding and services provided by the restaurant or catering company.  Do you?

Landscaping– Just like a hairdresser, the price of the gas, equipment, and time should be included in the price.  Do you?

House Cleaning Services– The price you are given to clean your home again, should cover the cost of time, travel, and supplies.  Do you?

I love to tip generously, I know that times are hard and it takes every penny to make ends meet these days.  Please don’t think I’m a terrible tipper.  I over tip to be honest.  I just don’t know where it ends.  Please tell me I’m not alone when it comes to tipping.

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