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Let’s just get right to it, You are about to meet Tik Tok’s Funniest New Man.  His name is Richard Groff works at The Mountain Monster, Pigeon Forge Tennessee.  Now what he does is, he gets you strapped into the ride named The Monster Drop.   He will make sure you are safe and in place on the ride.   Groff then tells the riders that he forgot to put on the second strap, the machine isn’t working correctly, or something like that.  He walks off and the ride drops you 200 feet with you thinking that you are gonna die.

The reaction on the people’s faces is priceless.  He has camera’s all around and captures every angel he can.  If you make the trip be ready, you could be next.  You have to be 46 inches tall and the maximum weight is 275 Pounds.

The Mountain Monster is located in TN.  2655 Teaster Ln Suite #400.  Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Do They Offer Other Rides?

  • Yes they do and here are the other attractions offered at The Mountain Monster
  • The Monster Launch. Get launched straight up 170’ with a blast of compressed air, and experience huge negative G’s at the top
  • The Monster Swing- Take a two-seat elevator located inside the main tower structure to the top where anticipation builds as you gain altitude. Once at the top and in
  • the dive cart.  The platform opens.  You’re tilted down facing the ground 200′ below.


  • The Monster Drop  $15
  • The Monster Launch $25
  • The Monster Swing  $40
  •  You can conquer the mountain with all 3 rides for $60
  • To remember it all, you can purchase a video of each ride

Things Prohibited On The Ride

  • Articles such as phones, cameras, bags, glasses, hats etc
  • Guest with Heart or Blood Pressure issues
  • Can’t be drinking before getting on the rides
  • People with neck and back problems
  • Pregnant.

This ride has made Richard Groff a house hold name and he has become the funniest man on Tik Tok.  Let’s enjoy some of his work now.