Just let me go on record and say, this may be the oddest and most unusual post I’ve ever made here on I LOVE BOB FM.com. I’ll preface this by saying, I did not find these three raccoons on my own. This is what happens when you spend several hours with pre-teen boys and girls. They really do watch a lot of YouTube, you would have to find something like this!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please let me introduce you to Cheeto, Tito, and Piper The Raccoons.

You are sitting here asking yourself all the questions I was asking, “What? Why? People watch this?” As I sat watching this for about an hour! I will admit my guilt.

Now, these three raccoons have some great tricks and fun stuff they do but nothing is better than testing chips and Cheetos. Yes, you heard me correctly Cheeto the Raccoon test chips and they pick a winner at the end.   You know our love for pets here at 93-9 Bob FM!

OK, get ready here it comes, the most useless thing you will see onlinTe today, but you will watch it. Either thank me or hate me later. Enjoy Cheeto and Tito in action!

  • Cheetos For The First Time

  • A Charcuterie Board

  • Nuggets!

  • Chips

  • Gold Fish

  • Crackers

  • Vegan, Non-Vegan!

  • Exotic Fruit!

  • Orange!

  • Eggs

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