Remember back in the day when a big record from Billy Joel or Fleetwood mac would come out and we stood in line at the record store to buy the vinyl or cassette? Yeah, those were the days. Now we can go straight to our phones and get it the second it was released.  Let’s talk about The Best Selling Rock Albums Of All Time.

It really was magic.  Go buy to the record and take it home and put it on the turn table and hear the music for the first time.  If you were like me, you had a long drive from the record store to home.  Oh, that was so bad.

Some Of The First Albums I Bought As A Kid.

  • Bob Seger, Against The Wind
  • Bon Jovi, Run Away But also let’s add all of the 80’s albums
  • Ratt-Out Of The Cellar
  • Dokken-Breaking The Chains, Tooth & Nail, Under Lock And Key

Because we didn’t have the ability to have it right on our phones, we had to buy the whole album to get all the songs.  So a lot of records were sold.  It wasn’t odd for an artist to sell 10 million copies when the album first came out.  Even when things went to CDs it wasn’t uncommon for some Country Music artists in the ’90s to sell from 500,000 to a million copies in the first week  We don’t see those kinds of numbers today due to streaming and single song downloads!

I’m still a collector and player of vinyl records as well as digital downloads, but to me, there’s no sound better than listening to Bon Jovi on vinyl still to this date!

Here comes the to 10 selling rock albums of all time to date!

  • #10. From 1977. Rumours,' Fleetwood Mac . Sold 20 million To Date

  • #9. From 1994, 'Cracked Rear View,' Hootie & the Blowfish, Sold 21 million To Date

  • #8. 'From 1979 The Wall,' Pink Floyd, Sold 23 million To Date.

  • #7. From 1985, Greatest Hits Volume I & Volume II, With 23 million Sold To Date

  • #6. From 1968 The Beatles,' Beatles, Sold 24 million To Date

  • #5. From 1971, Led Zeppelin IV,' Led Zeppelin . Sold 24 million To Date

  • #4. From 1980, Back In Black, AC/DC. Sold 25 Million To Date

  • #3. From 1975 Hotel California,' Eagles. Sold 26 million To Date

  • #2. From 1982, Thriller, Michael Jackson. Sold 34 Million To Date

  • #1. From 1976, The Eagles Greatest Hits. Sold 38 Million To Date

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