Looking for the best weekend getaways? Because, who doesn’t love a quick weekend away?  After a long week at work… or maybe many long weeks at work, taking a little getaway can do wonders!  While taking a whole week of vacation may seem too much for you right now, a quick weekend trip may be the solution.

We all need down time to relax and unwind.  If you’re over the whole “stay-cation” thing, and ready to venture out, U.S. News has some great ideas.  Now that things seem to somewhat be opening back up, now is a perfect time to plan a little trip!

Now the question is… where to go?  Choosing a good location can be difficult, especially for places you’ve never been.  This list from U.S. News is a great resource, because they did all the heavy lifting.  The research considered factors like: accessibility, affordability, entertainment options and reader votes.

The list does have locations all over the world, but a few of these are just a couple of hours from the CSRA!  One South Carolina town made the list at number 3… and there’s one in North Carolina too at number 6 on the list!

To see U.S. News’ 15 best weekend getaways, click here.

And now for the Top 10 Best Weekend Getaways…