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There’s nothing quite like the love of your pet.  It’s great to come home after a long day and see them waiting for you.  But with pets, you also get messes. Whether they are causing mischief and destroying things… or simply the hair. All. The. Hair! There are many easy pet hacks if you’re hoping for a clean home!

Keeping a clean home with a pet can be difficult, but with a few simple hacks… you can keep a good bit at bay.  Hacks for things like kitty litter on the floor, those dreaded scratches on the floor or furniture.  And you never know when boredom will strike and they look for something to get into! has a list of some pretty simple solutions to some very common pet owner issues. Below we have a few!

You can also check out these great items to make your pet happier too!

  • Stop The Chewing!

    To keep your pup from chewing on just about anything, there’s a great Bitter Apple spray you can buy at the pet store.  This is usually a great deterrent– but you always have some exceptions to the rule!

    For cats?  They aren’t fans of citrus.  You can use citrus-scented cleaners to help keep them off of certain surfaces. Apparently you can also lay aluminum foil on surfaces you don’t want your cat on… or even double-sided tape.  It’s a safe method for teaching your cats where they can and can’t go!

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  • Pet Hair Removal

    Pet hair, unless you have a hairless cat or a type of dog that doesn’t shed, can consume your life!  It’s everywhere, all the time! And let’s be honest, who wants to vacuum every single day? And when it comes to your clothes? Might as well invest in a ton of lint rollers.

    When it comes to pet hair removal, you might be able to utilize items you have laying around! You can take rubber gloves, dampen them slightly and run your hands on the furniture.

    Have a shower squeegee?  You can use that to help with pet hair on carpet! And for hardwood and tile? A good old broom is possibly your best bet!  There are more and more pet hair products on the market that help target the issue these days too!

    Cleaning Fur Off of a Couch

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  • Pet Food Storage

    Chances are, that giant bag of food isn’t going to be safe forever.  And it’s not appealing to the eye either. There are plenty of ways to store pet food– like sealed plastic trash cans- this helps the food fresh, dry, and easy to scoop.  You can also use plastic cereal storage containers to easily pour into your pet’s bowl (but if you have large animals… the trash can is your better bet!)

    Dog Food with Scoop

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  • Litter Box Woes

    Litter boxes can tend to be messy areas.  One trick is putting the cat box under a side table, attach fabric or tiny curtains around the edges to hide it.

    If your cat gets litter everywhere, maybe get one of those covered litter boxes, and face the opening toward a wall.

    Cat top view sitting in litter box on bathroom floor

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  • Doggy Boredom

    Dogs are active creatures, especially certain breeds.  They need a lot of stimulation to keep them from getting bored.  One hack is taking a tennis ball, cut a tiny slice in it, and fill with treats.  There are also toys at pet stores to do essentially the same thing.  My pups favorite thing? A Kong with peanut butter!  To make it last longer, freeze the Kong with peanut butter for a few hours.

    There are tons of great ideas out there for dog boredom busters!  A quick search on Pinterest is sure to find lots of inexpensive ways to keep your dog from tearing up your house, going through the trash or finding something else to get his mind stimulated!

    Sleeping Golden Retriever with tennis ball

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