Warm And Comforting – These Are The Top 5 Fall Comfort Foods People Are Searching

The official first day of Fall was September 23rd.  But in the Georgia and South Carolina area, that doesn't always mean it feels like Fall!  There have been many years where temperatures stay in the 70s and 80s way longer than you might expect.  Once that chill is finally in the air, that's when we start thinking about comfort foods. What Are Comfort Foods? Comfort foods aren't just reserved for the Fall and Winter seasons.  This is food that can feel nostalgic and boost your mood. It might be food that remind you of childhood or that just give you a feeling of safety and comfort when you're sad or stressed. And it could just be your favorite food! According to GoldBelly, this is the food you reach for when you're feeling down or have a stressful day.  And they are often high in fatty acids, carbs, and/or sugar. The foods can be mood-boosting and trigger the brain's reward system and pleasure centers.  Of course, food can't make our stress and issues go away, but it can give us a slight, short-term boost. Comfort foods are often easy to prepare and easily accessible.  But they can vary from person to person.  We all have our preference for our top choices. Some people prefer something sweet, others lean toward something salty. And carbs are probably the most common like bread, pasta, and pastries. Fall Foods While comfort foods aren't reserved for any particular season, when that chill rolls in, that's often when we start craving warm, comforting food.  And it seems the slightly cooler temperatures have led to quite a few searches for fall comfort food lately. Google has compiled the top 5 searches for fall comfort foods from the past 30 days in the United States.  Let's take a look at those.  Did your favorite make the list?

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