An Appling County fourth grader wins the 4-H Watermelon Growing Contest. The melon weighed in at more than 100 pounds.

4-H Watermelon Growing Contest

According to WSB-TV, Madelynn Murphy’s winning watermelon weighed in at a huge 109.5 pounds. The official end to the contest was held on August 3rd, which is National Watermelon Day.

On the 4-H website for the contest, it says:

“Growing the heaviest watermelon incorporates the basic aptitude of measurement concepts. Preparation skills, research abilities, and patience in this field of agricultural and environmental sciences enhance the ability to excel in this competition.”

More Winners from Appling

In addition, two other Appling County students came in second and third place in the Watermelon Growing Contest. Aiden Connell’s watermelon was 92.5 pounds, and Chloe Boatwright’s weighed in at 75 pounds. Weight was verified by the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agents at county offices to ensure accuracy.

Also, each winner receives cash prizes and ribbons for their outstanding, and sizeable fruit entries.

The Georgia Watermelon Association and Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association are sponsors for this fun and educational contest.

Other Contests

Watermelons aren’t the only produce with a contest.  Coming up this fall, 4-H hosts a pumpkin growing contest.  Submissions must be made by Friday, October 21st, and students must be a member for 4-H to enter.

Aiken Farmers Market

I checked out the Aiken Farmer’s Market in downtown Aiken this past Saturday morning! If you’re looking for vegetables, you’ll find them there, I also saw birdhouses, custom drink coasters, bagels, sunflowers, and more. Great road trip on a Saturday if you’re looking for something to do!

Here are a few pictures.



  • Sunflowers & A Stuffed Chicken....Ha!


  • Great Tomatoes!

    Great Tomatoes!

  • Birdhouses


  • Coasters


  • Cool Rocks


  • Salsa


  • Boiled Peanuts

    Boiled Peanuts