Looks like Augusta needs to de-stress a bit!

Stress happens to everyone, at some point in their lives.  Or, some people live with chronic stress.  Either way, it’s pretty inevitable!

Obviously with the pandemic, stress levels are higher across the world! A study by the American Psychological Association found 6 in 10 adults have experienced weight change since the pandemic.  And 1 in 4 essential workers have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder.

Chronic stress is described as stress that has reached an unmanageable level. This can lead to health problems and less productivity.

WalletHub took a look at 180 cities and looked at 41 key metrics to see which cities cope the best.

Where does Augusta land on the list of Most Stressed Cities in America?

Number 16! For comparison, Atlanta is at 52.

For the study, Augusta scored pretty high in the areas of work and family stress.  Additionally, they looked at financial and health/safety related stress, which Augusta was a bit lower on the scale for those.

The top 5 most stressed cities:

5. Newark, NJ

4. Baltimore, MD

3. New Orleans, LA

2. Detroit, MI

1. Cleveland, OH

Are you surprised where Augusta landed?

Considering Augusta is among one of the cheapest places to live, we definitely didn’t expect it to be in the Top 20 Most Stressed Cities!