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Rod Stewart made headlines earlier this year when it was reported he used mayonnaise to achieve and maintain his iconic mane. However, he now says those reports are not true.

Back in April, Elliot Saltzman, the former tour manager for the late Small Faces frontman Steve Marriott. Saltzman told U.K.’s The Sun that Marriott would style his hair by “…putting mayonnaise on his hair and rubbing a towel on his head really fast. And he said he got this from Rod Stewart.”

When asked in a new interview from the BBC whether that was true, Stewart said, “No, that’s a load of bollocks. Absolutely not true. The only thing I used to use when I first started getting this ‘bouffant’, as they call it in France, was warm water and sugar. So no, I’ve never used mayonnaise. That’s ridiculous. Can you imagine the smell?”

While Stewart makes a good point in regards to the smell, mayonnaise, which is just emulsified oil and egg yolks, is sometimes used as a conditioning treatment for hair. In fact, a mayonnaise hair mask can even help reduce frizziness and potentially help with hair growth. However, this warm water and sugar business sounds intriguing to say the least.

Rod Stewart: Classic Images

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