We could see higher gas prices and gas shortages as we get closer to summer.

Reasons we could see higher prices and shortages?

Experts are predicting that a fuel shortage is on the way.  The reason isn’t due to a supply issue though. Instead, it’s due to not enough tanker truck drivers.

Tanker truck drivers are the ones who bring fuel to gas stations… and with less drivers, it will make it harder to keep supply up at gas stations.

According to CNN, about 25% of tankers are not being used right now because there aren’t enough qualified drivers available. To drive a fuel-tanker truck, a person must be certified. There are certain skills, along with the need to acquire a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).  Truck driving can be strenuous.

What’s required for tanker drivers?

Acquiring a CDL requires written tests, inspections and driving tests.  Studying for the written tests can be done anywhere, but driving practice must be done at a truck driver school.  These schools can give students guidance they need to help learn the skills and pass the required tests.  There is a truck driving school in Savannah.

Although you do need the CDL to be a fuel-tanker truck driver, there are additional certifications.  These include Tanker certification and Hazardous Materials (HazMat) certification.  Tankers often carry fluids that move, which require a certain driving style.  And of course, fuel would be considered hazardous material, which would require the HazMat certification.

Learn more about the process involved from TFL Truck. They believe the various certifications can be what is leading to a driver shortage. And from the current look at trends- hotels are booking at a quicker pace than airline tickets.  Does this mean more people plan to drive to their destinations?  If so, this, combined with the driver shortage, it makes sense that gas prices would be raised (supply and demand, right?) and could lead to a shortage as well.

There are some expecting gas prices could top around $3 a gallon as a national average.  Although many places are getting close already.

Here are some tips for saving money at the pump.