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You never know what will happen on live TV… like a dog who snatches a reporter’s microphone!
A TV reporter in Moscow, Russia was doing a live weather report.  With nicer weather, she opted to do the shot outdoors.  This opened up uncontrollable opportunities for things to go wrong…

Like a friendly golden retriever running up to snatch the microphone!  Mid-report, Nadezhda Serezhkina was surprised by the pup who grabbed the mic and proceeded to trot off.  Serezhkina takes off after the dog and thankfully was able to catch him and get her mic back!

Later, she finishes up her report, with the microphone thief by her side.  His name is Martin, by the way!

The colorful microphone must’ve looked like a toy to the dog.  What do you think?  Have you ever seen anything crazy on live TV?


Dog Steals Reporter's Microphone On Live Television

A weather report turned into a chase scene when a golden retriever, ready for a game of fetch, bounced into a live shot. Mir-TV was excited to tell audiences...

Source: UPI

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