Anytime you’re dealing with electronics, there’s a risk for something to happen.  With cell phones, it’s no different.  The phone alone can tend to get really hot if left in direct sunlight.

Unfortunately, this teen learned the hard way that you shouldn’t put your phone on your bed while it’s charging!

This British teen is recovering after her iPhone charger burst into flames.  Thankfully she walked away with a minor burn on her face.

She posted on Facebook saying she was falling asleep when she saw an orange, hot light coming from under her duvet.  It was in that moment she realized it was fire.  The Apple charger had somehow caused the fire. The teen was able to get out of the bed, but some of the flames did burn her right cheek.  She ran to get her parents and her mother was able to put the fire out before it got worse.

The teen is now warning people not to put their phone in bed with them while charging.  Apple has also released tips for safe charging practices.

Officials aren’t sure if it was the charger itself, or faulty wiring, that caused the incident.

Source: New York Post


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