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The news emojis that will be arriving in 2020 have been announced. Per Techradar, inclusive emojis coming to devices include the transgender flag, men in wedding dresses, women in tuxedos, both women and men feeding babies. There will also be gender-neutral versions of these emojis.

A lot of animal emojis will arrive too, including a bison, a mammoth, a polar bear, and seal. Cockroach, beetle, and fly and worm are among the insect emojis on the way. Other emojis coming will be a gravestone, a lung, an anatomical heart, fondue, DIY tools, a magic wand, a sandal, roller skates, and a piñata.

In total, 65 new emojis will debut this year. Although Techradar does not know the exact day they will come, they anticipate they will arrive in September or October.