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Something really strange is happening in one town in West Virginia.

Not only is mail being stolen out of their mailboxes, but the thief is leaving a “gift” behind.

Several residents in Charleston, West Virginia are reporting their mail is being taken, and the person responsible is leaving behind an unusual photo.

The photo appears to be of a llama.

And, not just any llama. A laminated llama wearing sunglasses.

Alrighty then.

According to WCVB, home surveillance footage shows the suspect is a woman.

One resident even confronted the woman in the act. She apparently told the individual she was passing out wedding invitations.

No one in the neighborhood seems to know the llama and won’t be attending the wedding.

The line you just read is a joke, obviously.

Still, stealing mail is not funny, rather it is a federal offense. If caught, the suspect will face several fines in addition to jail time.

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