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If you love to dine in at Wendy’s or go through the drive-thru, here’s another reason to head over to Wendy’s!

The fast food chain recently announced they have Frosty’s on sale for $.50!

As Wendy’s puts it, “What a time to be alive,” … unless you’re the poor little piggy bank, of course!

It’s not clear how long the promotion will run for, but Frosty’s for half price sound pretty good right about now!

Just think about all the things you could do with the money you save!

You could buy a gumball or two, make a wish by throwing the extra change in the fountain, lose the money in between the couch cushion, OR (and this is our personal favorite,) buy two Frosty’s for the price of one!


Grab that piggy bank. 50¢ small Frosty is back!

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