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6 Memorable Classic Rock Performances from ‘MTV Unplugged’


Another album release AND reunion!  KISS’ 1995 appearance on Unplugged featured the four original band members on stage together for the first time since the late 70’s and was so popular that it led to KISS’ famed 1996 reunion tour.

KISS Unplugged Reunion

Original Kiss members on MTV Unplugged, 1995

Paul McCartney

Fun fact about Sir Paul’s appearance on Unplugged:  It was completely unplugged.  Most other performances featured artists playing acoustically with the help of amps.  It was also one of the first performances in the show’s history.

Paul McCartney MTV Unplugged 1991 (HD)

I Lost My Little Girl 1:05 Every Night 3:10 And I Love Her 7:10 That Would Be Something 11:30 The Band: Paul McCartney - Bass, Guitar, Piano, Lead Vocal . Soundhcheck: 01 - Every Night (00:00:00) 02 - Midnight Special #1 (00:02:41) 03 - Blackbird (00:03:00) 04 - Midnight Special #2 (00:03:11) Concert: 01 - Mean .