(Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images)

5 Must-Have Phone Gadgets You'll Obsess Over

If you're like me, you're always glued to your phone, to the point of wearing it out, always dropping it, including on your own face.

Chances are, you also need some cool gadgets for your phone to make it work better, more functional, etc.  Here are some of our top favorites that you definitely should add to your upcoming Holiday list.

The Camalapse | $29.99, Photojojo

The camalapse mobile - for panning timelapses

Introducing the camalapse mobile! The camalapse mobile is a panning / rotating accessory for timelapses. The camalapse mobile was specifically designed for the iPhone and other smartphones. Just put your phone in the cradle, activate your timelapse app, then wind up the camalapse and sit back to relax!


Taking time-lapse videos or even "panoramic" shots are hard to do if you're not used to it, especially when it comes to holding your camera still and level. This takes the issue out of time-lapsing video with a rotating base. So if you go to the beach and the clouds are roaming by, just put it on your Time Lapse feature on your iPhone, put the camera on the stand, hit go, and enjoy!