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What kind of fry are you?

We’re sure all you French fry fanatics, potato lovers, and greasy food fans have heard. Today is National French Fry Day!

We’re celebrating by compiling the different types of fries that people can’t get enough of!

So, what does it take for you to get that solid French fry fix?

The iconic original French

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And there are plenty of dips to go around! Do you prefer creamy mayonnaise? Spicy ranch dressing? Sweet and tangy ketchup? Vinegar-based mustard? Or maybe you’re hardcore and dip your fries in your chocolate milkshake! We know those types exist. But perhaps you like your fries without any sauce- just plain, warm, and coated with salt and pepper. No matter your preference, we hope you take advantage of National French Fry Day!


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What French fry are you reaching for first?


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