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Escape Plans That Can Get You Out Of Any Uncomfortable Situation

Have you ever found yourself in a predicament that you just had to get out of? 

Ever considered running away from a problem? Trying to avoid confrontation with your parents, boss or even a friend?

If so, what do you envision would be the perfect solution to make you feel free as the wind? What would be your escape plan?

Let's say you're on a blind date and you realize an hour in, you can't see yourself with the person sitting across from you. Or worse, you feel so miserable because the person isn't exactly who they said they are and they've got creeper status written all over them. Maybe you and your best pal come up with a code word. You text your friend the codeword, he or she calls, and you both pretend to have an intense conversation about someone needing assistance ASAP. You hang up and tell your date, "look, my mother needs the car. There's been an emergency." That's a classic escape plan that young people have used for years.

Another one might be shutting down your phone and driving off to a hidden place where no one could possibly find you. Just need to relax and get away from your overwhelming life for a bit? Try this escape plan. Hang out by a body of water or run to another city and explore, just you or invite a friend to be a part of your secretive plans. No reason to face the music if you aren't ready!

There are all kinds of ways to get out of an unnecessary or yucky situation. You'd be surprised what people would do. Twitter has some ideas.

Ryan on Twitter

MyEscapePlanIncludes a clever disguise. https://t.co/ERoxtNIIHC

Kerry Tedder on Twitter

MyEscapePlanIncludes Deleting all my social media accounts so my mother can't find me.

Silver Eye☄ on Twitter

MyEscapePlanIncludes Steal all the Money & run away.???? https://t.co/5a0FhDTEYm

kellie mcdonald on Twitter

MyEscapePlanIncludes Lots of good books A bag of snacks A nest of pillows & blankets Hot chocolate with marshmallows And a whole weekend

✌Mark Bonnet???? on Twitter

MyEscapePlanIncludes Getting a car with a cop motor, cop brakes, cop suspension, cop tires, and a cigarette lighter.

RoeSoLovesUofM on Twitter

MyEscapePlanIncludes Pinã coladas and getting caught in the rain....

Antoinette Peregrino on Twitter

MyEscapePlanIncludes blending in with the locals https://t.co/I1Az8osXbt

Eric on Twitter

Im not telling you what #MyEscapePlanIncludes because then you would try to keep it from happening

Angie PS ???? on Twitter

MyEscapePlanIncludes getting "kidnapped" by Robert Pattinson. ????????????️ https://t.co/vgFPWrJrvX

Dan on Twitter

MyEscapePlanIncludes Taking a laptop with several chargers, so I am never isolated completely


MyEscapePlanIncludes a walk on the #beach just me my thoughts & my #camera.

Paul Schofield on Twitter

MyEscapePlanIncludes seducing my way out of the situation. https://t.co/F1T2l9DADC


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