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Did You Know '13 Reasons Why' Actor Dylan Minnette Is Also A Musician?

It looks like Dylan Minnette, who plays Clay Jensen in the popular Netflix drama, '13 Reasons Why', has some other hidden talents. 

Alongside his acting career, the 20-year-old is also rocking out on stage. He's a part of an up-and-coming alternative band called the "Wallows" that he formed with his friends Cole Preston and Braeden Lemasters. Dylan plays guitar and sings vocals for the band. The group has already had several live performances around California.

This sort of comes as a surprise. Who knew Dylan had music running through his veins!

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In a recent interview, Dylan shares that he plans to go "full force" with the Wallows. As an actor of 12 years who starred in tv series, like 'Prison Break' and 'Lost', he's ready to take on what he's most passionate about and that's his music.

A lot of Dylan's motivation derives from his father, Craig Minnette, who was and still is an amazing musician. Craig performed as Eddie Minnette in several Evansville (Indiana) bands. In the interview, Dylan says it was his father who introduced him to tons of inspiring music. That's when he decided to explore his musical talents and later, dedicate more time working as a musical artist.

So far, the Wallows has a few songs out, like 'Pleaser' and 'Sun Tan'.  Should we expect to see an album out soon? Only time will tell!

Get a taste of their recent hit, "Sun Tan", in the video below.

We wish the Wallows lots of success in their future musical endeavors!

Strange 80s was fun last night. Looking forward to our upcoming shows. Thanks for the video @xzandalyn.

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