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CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA - NOVEMBER 27: Musician Peter Gabriel (L), and bassist Tony Levin rehearses on stage for "46664 - Give One Minute of Your Life to Aids" at Greenpoint Stadium November 27, 2003 in Cape Town, South Africa. The concert will take place on November 29th and will benefit the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the fight against AIDS in Africa. Artists performing will include Bono, Queen, Peter Gabriel, The Eurythmics, Beyonce, Youssou N'Dour, and may other internations and African musicians. It will be one of the biggest rock events ever staged in Africa and will also be the most widely distributed media event in history with a potential audience of more than 2 billion people in 166 countries.

Just out is King Crimson‘s Heroes — Live In Europe 2016, a document from last year’s tour overseas legendary prog rock band and its current “double quartet” lineup.

The key track, of course, is the title remake of the 1977 David Bowie classic, whose original recording featured King Crimson leader and guitarist Robert Fripp.

Bassist Tony Levin tells us that it was an appropriate cover for the group after Bowie’s death during January of 2016:

“I think it was wonderful last year that we added the piece ‘Heroes,’ David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ to our set for the live show…For some of those, the reason for that, who don’t know is Robert Fripp played a particularly distinctive guitar solo and line on that piece, and what a hoot and surprise the audience that we added it, especially the first audience to hear it. They were pretty shocked and very pleased. It’s also drastically simple compared to the simplest of the things King Crimson does, which makes it fun, also.”


The Heroes EP, recorded in Berlin, where the original “Heroes” was recorded, features an edited version of the track and three other King Crimson favorites.

King Crimson kicks off a North American tour on Sunday, June 11, with a three-night stand at the Moore Theatre in Seattle.


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