Our Dreams Have Come True: Are Cookie Dough Bars Becoming A Thing?

It's putting people in a frenzy. It's making people lose their minds. We're talking about raw cookie dough by the scoops!

New York City's new cookie dough bar, DO, that opened its doors at the end of January is to blame for all the hype and excitement. The store operates a physical bar that serves fresh, gourmet cookie dough in cones just like ice cream.

Don't worry, the dough, made with pasteurized egg product and heat-treated flour, is safe-to-eat, unlike store-bought products that are potentially harmful and could land you in the hospital. But if you're still nervous, take it home to bake! You can't go wrong with warm, delicious, homemade cookies. It sounds like DO has options for everyone.

A cookie dough shop opened in NYC and people are losing it

NYC's Cookie DO just opened in NYC and people are losing their minds! Cookie DO serves cookie dough like it's ice cream and makes over 1,000 pounds of dough a day. It's completely safe to eat and will satisfy your cookie dough craving! The INSIDER team believes that life is an adventure!

Ever since people all across the country are losing their minds in hopes a cookie dough bar will come to a location near them. Already, cookie dough shops have made their way to North Carolina and in online shops in Illinois, Massachusetts, and California. Will this be the future? Will this concept change the way we do desserts?

Sara Zenner on Twitter

Who else wants one of these edible cookie dough shops in their town? Raise your hand!! https://t.co/2jpcXvR2S6

Jel on Twitter

God bless whoever came up with the idea to sell scooped cookie dough similarly to how ice cream shops sell ice cream

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Madison Greene ☺️ on Twitter

Can someone please do me a favor and open one of those edible cookie dough shops in Morristown? Thanks in advance. ????


Cookie Dough Bar Trend
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McKenna Albritton on Twitter

can someone open up one of those edible cookie dough shops in oxford pls

Katherine Faulk on Twitter

I'm all for these cookie dough shops, but can we stop saying "edible" cookie dough like we don't all eat nestle out of the tube? ????


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