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Ann and Nancy Wilson Talk More About Their Rift

It sounds like it may be a hard road back to Heart for sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson.

After acknowledging to us that the group is on hiatus, partly owing to an alleged assault of Nancy's twin teenage sons last summer by Ann's husband Dean Wetter -- a matter that's still in court, the Wilsons have begun to talk more about the incident and its aftermath.

Ann has told Rolling Stone the rift is deep, though not necessarily irreparable: "I do see a positive way forward, and that's our friendship. Nancy and I didn't do this thing. Nobody in this situation is evil. Nancy and I love each other. We want to be friends. My side really hurt her side, her side really hurt my side. We've got to let those heal, and get some counseling."

Nancy added that she's "willing and ready to humanize it all and get back into a dialogue, with Ann in particular, about if we've still got Heart. I just know in my gut that me and Ann are going to be fine."

Wetter has pled guilty to two non-felony assault charges in Washington state, where the incident occurred, and will be sentenced on April 14.

Nancy has launched a new band, Roadcase Royale, while Ann is on the road as a solo act.

Nancy Wilson tells us that a period of healing is inevitable after what happened:

"When something like that happens inside a really tight family it's really scarring for everyone involved, and so there's a lot of victims besides my own kids in the scenario...I hope it can resolve and I think it will resolve. Time is the healer. I'm just wishing and hoping for the best. I’ve got prayers aloft...It's kind of a sad situation and, like I say, everybody's just a little bit scarred right now, so the thing to do is to go forward and be positive and stay affirmative about everything."


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