TechBuzz: If You Want More Politics, Facebook Just Made It Easier

Not that most people would OPT for more politics these days, but now Facebook has created an algorithm for such a thing. 

If you visit, you will be directed to a section of Facebook that is specifically for politics. Reason being, whether you believe it or not, Social Media has a generous impact on how we get our news.

This new feature sets you up with your correct representative (if you are comfortable enough with sharing your address with Facebook), and you get access to both follow and contact your rep. You can also see what your reps have been posting regarding their causes from this section.

Chris Mikulin on Twitter

Neat! Facebook's Has a New Feature to Help You Contact Elected Officials Called Town Hall (not seeing in ?? yet)

According to Mashable, Facebook will also be alerting you of Local Election Reminders based on your compliance with adding your address.

Considering Facebook also went back to actual headlines being in their trending topics, this is another step for the social media platform to try and remain as unbiased, but also, very helpful.


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