TechBuzz: Rant On Twitter A Lot? Well, There's An App For That!

If you have a tendency to run over on your Twitter count and spend your time trying to edit out all your and's with &'s, you may need this new application.

It's called Stormcrow, and it seems to be available only for Apple as of right now, but boy does it look useful!

What it does is you begin typing inside the app and it splits your tweets apart into numbered tweets, and then when you publish them, they are perfectly even, and in order, AND your point gets across.

iOS Promo on Twitter

Stormcrow (Social Networking) #apps #ios #featured #new #games #rt #indiedev #gamedev


As someone who appreciates proper grammar, I can honestly say this is something I would use in order to make my tweets make sense, rather than coming off as a "what r u doing 2day?" type situation.


If you're like me, and you're dying to use this app, check it out in the App Store by clicking here. Sorry, Android users. As of right now, it does not show up on Google Play.


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