Liner Notes (March 21)

The latest on Mick Fleetwood, Nile Rodgers and Alice Cooper make up the March 21st installment of “Liner Notes.”  Enjoy!

Mick Fleetwood’s Awfully Confident About The Buckingham McVie Album

You know how Fleetwood Mac (minus Stevie Nicks) are releasing an album in the very near future?  Mick Fleetwood is already making some big predictions on its success.

In an interview with Uncut, Fleetwood says the album (which was written by Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie and being released under the name Buckingham McVie) will lead to the songwriters “walking down some red carpets.”

Already calling dibs on some awards?  We dig your confidence, Mick!


Nile Rodgers Set For Glastonbury

The iconic Glastonbury festival brings together one of the most diverse lineups during festival season, and now they’ve landed one of music’s most iconic figures in Nile Rodgers, who confirmed the news via Twitter.

Nile Rodgers on Twitter



Apparently, Paris Jackson  Is A Huge Alice Cooper Fan

You wouldn’t think Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson, would get starstruck, but in a sit-down with Jimmy Fallon last night (March 20), she revealed she had a hard time keeping it together when she met Alice Cooper.  Kudos to The King of Pop’s daughter for such good taste!

Paris Jackson Got Starstruck When She Met Fave Alice Cooper

Jimmy grills Paris Jackson with his Fallon Firsts - rapid-fire questions that reveal things like how Zac Efron broke her heart and more.



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